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Brit Milah


Baby Naming

Mazal Tov on your newborn! The birth of your child will bring great joy and simchot throughout your lives.

What is a Bris (Brit)?

A Bris or Brit is a Jewish ceremony of a circumcision, which “typically” takes place 8 days after the birth of a male child. The Bris can be performed in a temple or in a home. A religious person known as a “mohel” performs the circumcision in the presence of family and friends then, it’s followed by a meal.

Many wonder how a procedure like this can be performed outside a hospital or pediatrician’s office, but there is no better venue than in the presence of the ones you care for and love.

Let Sason veSimcha Event Coordinators worry about the little things while you focus on the BIG MOMENT of your lives!

Hall Reception

Home Reception