craftyBLING Party

Are you ready to hot a SVS craftyBLING party? If so, here are a few benefits why you should host one:

  1. It’s a fun and creative activity for any age
  2. Stress and worry free
  3. Affordable
  4. No loot bags
  5. Children love beads

Our craftyBLING Parties caters to ages 5 and up. We customize each jewelry party based on the theme of the event, occasion and age. Depending on the package you select, children are taught to make creative creatures and jewelry by utilizing our buffet of tools and array of beads.

Package Includes:

2 hours of an activity craft table full of an array of Jewels, wires, stretch wire, pliers, glitter jewels, miscellaneous jewels, and a FREE gift bag to take their creations home!