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SVS Crazy Hat Party

Hello there, it's us.. Sason veSimcha! Sit down, listen-up; we have something in mind... SVS CRAZY HAT PARTIES without the crazy Queen or Cat...

We bring our own table (flaky but good), novelties, trims and maybe some beads...feathers for sure, what color you need?

Just don't let the scissors cut you, don’t let the glue burn, let our attendant guide you…Cus in two hours flat you need to create your own SVS CRAZY MAD HATTER HAT. You catch my drift? If not, "off with his head" as the Queen would say.

There is just one more thing... We guarantee our CRAZY HAT PARTIES will be lots of FUN... Why? Because we are the BEST in town! So STOP what your doing you crazy nut, pick up the phone and give us a call because there is no one better than Sason veSimcha Crazy Mad Hatter Hat Parties

Package Includes:

2 hours of an activity craft table full of an array of beads, ribbons, candy, novelties, feathers, assortment of gift bags, beads, flowers, material, tools, glue guns, glue sticks,miscellaneous stones, and a FREE gift bag to take their creations home!